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Weekly Story

My friends and I try to get out paintballing at least once a week, and each time their is always a cool story to tell. Come check out our stories as often as you can.

My friends and I decide to go try out a new gravel pit that we found. So we loaded up my truck with paintballs, CO2 tanks, guns, and of course our masks. It was a perfect place to play paintball, openings cliffs, steep hills that are quite hard to climb, long narrow passages to hide in, and lots of trees. I was having trouble finding a good hiding spot so I just got up and walked around, when I noticed a nice black mask. I immediately layed down and started shooting at him, he didn't see me right away to my advantage. I noticed he was looking in my area so I got up and ran for a safe spot. Another one of my paintball buddies was behind me and started to shoot at me, so I ran and hid while they fought amongst each other, watching from a safe distance I saw my friend get up and start running, a golden opportunity to start shooting, as he neared the bunker he was heading for I shot him in the leg, and my other friend got him in the side. Everyone was out but me and Ryan, I was on top of a hill and he was on the bottom to my advantage. I jumped in a hole that water eroted away, and started shooting, finally the wind calmed, I pulled up my gun, looked through the scope, lined up the target on my cross hairs and fired like mad, hitting Ryan in the side, he felt that one.