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Extreme Stories

Recently I started paintball and found it quite exciting, here are a few funny stories I have of playing paintball.

The first time I ever went out paintballing I went with a whole bunch of co-workers, my manager and a few friendly cooks. I was told to go find the opposing team, it was the first time so I was really nervous. So I crawl on the ground scared of being shot, like a bad sniper. I turn to my left and see a kid shooting at me. When he yelled I'm out of CO2, I made my move and charged him, by the time I got to him he had switched guns and was about to shoot me, the safety was on, on his gun so I shot him on the top of the head. That was cool, I still make fun of him getting shot on the top of the head.

My most recent paintball experience was awesome, we went and played at a friends house, after playing paintball for a few times a figured out how expensive paintball gets, I also found out that we go through alot of paintballs and CO2, so this time we loaded up our cars and went paintballing. The day was going really bad for me, I didn't have any kills and was getting pist. The last game we played I had to reload twice, we ended up running out of paintballs during the process of that game. The person we had to kill was holding our base strongly and all I could see was his head, so I took aim pulled the trigger about 5 times and watched the prize paintball hit his helmet right in the eye. The instant I saw the paintball hit him, lifting my arm to celebrate I got shot in the same arm, ouch!